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How To Fund Your QS

When Money Trickles Out The Door

I’m aware that one of the road-blocks around having a QS help you with your pricing, is cost. We are bloody expensive. We are a grudge purchase, like paying for insurance.

However LIKE insurance, if you don’t have us and things go tits-up, life can be pretty unpleasant.

Aside from the obvious need for a QS because things have gone terribly wrong, there is also the slow trickle of money that slips out the door during a project that you hardly notice from a bad pricing exercise completed at the front end, and the lack of use of the pricing exercise to run the job at all.

What am I on about? The labour hours that slip through the cracks. The variations that aren’t picked up on. The team member slacking off and causing delays on site, the clients nominated subcontractor causing you grief…… yeah, this stuff!

So clearly my point of view is if you aren’t a trained QS, nor have you had training to complete pricing exercises like a QS would, then I think you should use someone who is.

So Who Should Pay?

A few ideas….

It is actually in your client’s best interests that you have a qualified experienced QS price their job. However, they are unlikely to know that unless you explain it to them.

It is commonplace to engage other professionals when embarking on a build, however using a QS is real forward-thinking so your homeowner will likely rely on others to give them the advice that they need a professional here.

So tell them!

Tell them why it will help, and what it will do for them. Let them know that by having a Q, you will be able to do your job better, faster, and more efficiently. The list goes on.

If your client understands the value, then paying for it will not be an issue.

Either suggest that for them to compare the quotes they receive that they should engage a QS to complete a schedule of quantities for them.

Alternatively, tell them that if they go ahead with you then you will pay the QS, and if they don’t then they will have to pay.

How else can you fund your QS?

One option that we have that may be available to you, is to join the Regional Business Partners Network via NZTE.

Red QS is a partner, and so you may be eligible for our services to be partially funded (up to 50%) as part of your business development.

We offer both a consultancy, via the NZTE, and awesome day-long workshops teaching you how to price yourself! Check Out Our QS IQ Workshop HERE.

Another way to take a bit of pain out of paying for your QS? Join the CBS Co-op. The Combined Building Supplies co-operative offers bulk discounts to their members across all trades, and Red QS is one of them.

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