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Paul Watson
National Sales Manager

Our aim is to connect those who need our Quantity Surveying services with the best person for the job.

We all know how busy you are, and that you are time-poor at the best of times. Long days on site, and late nights costing up jobs that haven't even come to fruition yet.  The reason RedQS exists is purely to help you reduce your on and offsite workload so you can focus on the job at hand and bring home the bacon.

Red QS is made up of contract Quantity Surveyors all across Australasia. Our Head Office is based in Christchurch New Zealand but we work on projects across both New Zealand and Australia.

With a diverse pool of skill, we have the right people for the job at the right time. As a Quantity Surveying company, we have a range of clients. We work within all facets of the building industry and listed here are just some of the services we offer.

Quantity Surveying Services

At RedQS we have the largest team of expert quantity surveyors available in New Zealand and Australia working across all types of estimation from contractual and residential to commercial and freelance quantity surveying. Our focus is on providing expert cost estimation services and support to builders who are looking to increase efficiency and maximise their profits on their construction projects without compromising on their workmanship.

What is a Quantity Surveyor?

A quantity surveyor is one of the most valuable resources for any construction project as they help ensure timely delivery of the project with minimal effect on expenses. For the duration of a project, a quantity surveyor can perform multiple roles including cost estimator, quantity surveyor, and, contract administrator. The most efficient and effective quantity surveyor will have extensive experience working on different projects in different industries and have built up a strong portfolio. This helps the builder complete the project within stipulated budget without compromising on the quality and quantity of materials used. Depending on the type of project and the particular work required a quantity surveyor prepares important documents like budget estimates, elemental estimates, fully tendered pricing documentation, progress claims, variations  and final accounts in the construction timeline.

The Quantity Surveying Services Available at RedQS

Our services cover all aspects of domestic and residential construction and renovation. We provide invaluable support to small and medium-sized building companies and independent traders. We are on hand to provide quick and effective pricing for construction projects at any stage of development when required. With a vast team of professionals working through New Zealand and Australia, we can have the ideal quantity surveyor with the experience and expertise you require working with you to make sure your job progresses seamlessly without hassle or interruption.

We are dedicated to providing educational seminars to builders who feel burned by bearing the brunt of hidden expenses they incur during a project. Our QS IQ workshops take place regularly and teach builders the basic skills of quantity surveying that can help them increase their profit margin and protect themselves from unforeseen work expenses. You would be surprised to learn just how much money you could be saving yourself and earning by adopting a few very basic work principles.

Work Smarter with Quantity Surveying Services

So if you are looking for the best QS in NZ, or in Australia, then you simply have to consider what Red Quantity Surveying can do for you. We offer unparalleled support to builders working on the ground and in the classroom to help them improve their business and their level of service. Check out our website to see when our next seminar is taking place near you, or if you are looking for invaluable assistance on your next build then send us your plans and we can issue you with a free no obligation quote for pricing and quantity surveying services. If you are a builder who’s tired of finishing each job with less money than expected, then you have to call us today.

RedQS provides quantity surveying services all across New Zealand. We can help you with estimating building costs and residential quantity surveying. Browse our website further or contact us to learn more.

Quantity Surveying Services For Australian & New Zealand Builders, Tradies & Home Owners

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will kenndey builder - qs testimonialWill Kennedy of Kennedy Bros - Riverton, had this to say about RedQS "The massive benefit to using RedQS is there are no unknowns. For us as builders, it is an independent service that helps the clients understand the value of the home."

Like an acid test to see if the homeowner is genuine or not, Will added this "A lot of clients don’t realise how expensive it is to build, even to the minimum standards. People are surprised when we get the full QS report and it gives them a good reality check. If a client isn’t willing to pay two thousand dollars for a QS report, then they won’t be willing to pay for a $390,000 house."

Chris Donnelly Builders _ Renovate New Builds_Nelson_red quantity surveyNelson based builder Chris Donnelly says "Previously I thought cost was an obstacle to using RedQS, but that was because I didn’t understand how to allow for it in my offsite overheads. I also didn’t know previously that there are different services, like materials only, labour only or peer checking of my own pricing, not just the full take off services."

The without prompting he added "I have already been recommending RedQS all over the place!"

Good on ya mate!

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