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Blog Bites – hot tips on measuring concrete

Concrete works come in many forms… slabs, perimeter walls, columns, beams… the list goes on.

Because all the different types of concrete works often have different MPA requirements, and different formwork and reinforcing etc, my top tip is to make sure that you carve up your list of concrete work and put like items together. Why?? So you don’t miss anything!

  1. Generally, all like types of concrete should be measured in cubic metres.

  1. Separate outpours of different widths and thicknesses if it is stated on the plans.

  1. Also separate reinforced concrete measures from non-reinforced, including if you are encasing structural steel.

  1. Treatments to concrete surfaces you wanna measure separately in square metres.

  1. Hard stuff – like forming falls should be measured separately.

  1. Bits and pieces, like bolts or anchors, need to be counted up separately.

  1. Blinding concrete – and any pour under 100mm thick is measured separately in square metres.

Pulling these measures apart may seem counterproductive, but it allows you to make sure you can apply appropriate labour constant to each task unit which then allows you to build up the total labour requirements for greater accuracy. It also allows you to make a mental note of any extras you might need, like the bolts and special chemical finishes etc. You don’t want to forget those!

Remember too that it is important to tag your quote with your requirements for a pour. Specify access requirements, including time of day and any specifics required for getting the concrete truck and boom where you need it. If in doubt – tag it!

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