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Blog Bites – hot tips on measuring hardware

We reckon measuring hardware is one of the most under measured items when builders measure themselves…

More often than not most rely on their supplier to capture all of the items required and the labour is not taken into consideration, or the labour just has a lump sum applied to it.

To be fair, when details are scarce this is a good way of dealing with it, but you just have to remember to create a tag providing the edges of what has and hasn’t been allowed for. Word of warning, if the plans DO specify, then your fixed price quote must have enough coverage for all items stated. You can’t ask for a variation if the hardware was stated on the plans….

The rules for measuring are similar to those for framing…. Each description says what it is, where it is and how it is finished. If the hardware requires any special fixings, those should also be described in the hardware description. Any removal and reinstatement of hardware for painting should be measured separately as a labour only item…. But make sure you state the fixings are deemed to be reused rather than replaced!

Sometimes PC sums are used for the supply of hardware if it hasn’t been chosen yet by the client when the PC sum is used you need to make sure you file a variation to do so taking off the original PC sum and replacing it with the actual cost for your client’s approval. You may also want to advise if there is an extra labour component required for the hardware chosen, some hardware is more time consuming to install than others!

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