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Builder Social Media – 9 Good Ideas For Your Social

Because we know a lot of our clients get their work from word of mouth, but if you think your potential customers aren’t also checking out your social before they pick up the phone, then you are missing a trick!


Homes are personal spaces, so your potential client would like to see that you are a decent human being, seeing as they are literally inviting you into their home. It could be as simple as sharing something about your hobbies or sports, or a shot of you smiling your face off after a great day on the tools where everything has gone right. You don’t have to show your pets and your kids. Your team who will be on site are just as relevant here. If the homeowner knows you employ good dudes, then it’s likely you are one by extension. So a photo of the apprentice with a big smile is just as good.

Before and after visuals

If you are a home renovator, this is your god given opportunity to show people what your skills can achieve. People can lack imagination, so although they might think they want or need to renovate, they need to be inspired by the success of other people. It’s why Pinterest & Instagram basically exist. Get the permission of your homeowners to share it, then take some nasty befores, and some stunning afters when the final clean is complete! Finished product shots from a new build are also gold.

Funny stories and onsite jokes

Who doesn’t like to share the laugh you have had that day. Your audience on social media could be potential clients, but also your fellow tradies who can share in the joke. Helps with the humanising plan too!

Timelapse of tricky work

Prop your phone up against an off cut of some wood and shift it to time lapse mode (far left option on an iPhone camera), hit go when you are about to achieve something that will either highlight your mad skills or can be completed in a quick(ish) time frame. Could be painting a wall? Whacking up gib? Installing windows? Installing a kitchen sink? Nailing down a deck? Anything that can be captured right at that moment where you can really see the difference. You can edit it down if it goes too long, but might be a great way to showcase the neat or professional way you work.

Showcase your specialty

Is there something that your building company really specialises in? something you do that is trickier or more efficient than the next guy? Take some visuals – video or still – and share it with your peers and customers.

Location tags

Biggest personal pet peeve with builders’ accounts and biggest lost opportunity. Some customers are searching for a builder in a geographical area. Some people may find you and love your work but live 3 hours away. Add a location to images you are sharing, even if it is a district or city location.

Engagement with network of peers

Like and follow other builders and subcontractors accounts, comment, like and be seen on their accounts. The customers shopping around will see you there too and it will also strengthen your professional network. Plus the social media algorithm rewards this behaviour and will start sharing your account more.


The weird and the wonderful is always good content. Are you working on something special? It could be an unusual material to work with, or an unusual design. Are you building a straw house? Or a tiny house? A crazy location? Have you discovered the most efficient way to do something? Show us what you are discovering!


It just looks better when the photos are full of light, especially sunlight.

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