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Red QS Myths debunked!

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Its interesting the tales you hear when you speak to people who have heard of you but never spoken to you directly… I’ve heard a few goodies lately so I thought it was high time I put pen to paper and set the record straight!

“……… we don’t want to bother a big company like you guys with our small jobs…..”

I almost fell off my chair when I heard this one…. Perception is a fascinating thing isn’t it? I should probably give our awesome Siobhan a big pat on the back for her online marketing efforts…. Because apparently, we look much bigger than we actually are! The truth?? We are just small, like you guys! We have a loud voice, there’s no doubt about that, but that doesn’t mean we are a big corporate. Our team is made up of our sales crew, a bunch of super smart contract quantity surveyors, the REAL bosses (admin and accounts!) and a couple of directors!

“………. So, what do you guys actually do????……….”

You mean aside from making a whole lot of noise??? Well, we have two main arms of our business. The first – as you may have already gathered, is all about education. I have spent almost the last decade working alongside builders, and I know that some of the things I have been taught would be super helpful for my builders to learn. That’s why you guys get these blogs…. And why we do seminars and put tips up on our social media…… and write articles for Certified Builders…… etc!

The second arm of our business, is of course being the back stop for you guys when it comes to pricing. Our QS team are hand picked and are brilliant at what they do…. They are experienced in anything that could be thrown at them, right from a bathroom reno through to a multimillion-dollar shopping mall.

“…..So, if we wanted to work with you guys, what do I do?……..”

Now THIS question is super easy. What we need from you is the plans that are sitting on your desk… you know, all the ones that are piled up that you haven’t had a chance to price yourself yet.

We aren’t bothered in the slightest if we quote a job for you and you end up sorting it yourself. We would far rather you had the option of someone doing it other than you, because you never know what can crop up and the last thing we want is you not pricing a job, or pricing it in a rush because you ran out of time.

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