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New Zealand Certified Builders is a membership organisation set up by a group of trade qualified builders in 1998. These builders, led by Tauranga’s Craig Wilkinson, wanted to create a group that would protect homeowners from unqualified builders and unethical practices and promote excellence in building standards.

An industry leader, NZCB has an extensive membership of builders throughout New Zealand proudly carrying the NZCB stamp of approval. Each builder is trade qualified with a strong history of stability and success.

Registered Master Builders have been building the foundations of this country, its homes, and workplaces for over 100 years. We are the voice of the building and construction industry. We represent quality built environments where we live, work and play. 

We stand for quality and we back our Master Builders to ensure we deliver value to building owners. We provide them with the support and services they need to build better building businesses, so they can build a better New Zealand. 

We work with Government and the sector to develop and uphold the highest standards. We are part of every conversation about the built environment – focused on better homes, better workplaces, and ultimately better lives for all New Zealanders.

Through collaborative working, high craft standards and ethical behaviour, New Zealand can have peace of mind with a Master Builder backed by the Registered Master Builders Association. It means a better-built New Zealand.

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