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Does a Quantity Surveyor have a place on your design team?

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

I have been in my new role now for 6 months and have been getting around the country meeting with and talking to Architects and Designers about Quantity Surveying and the benefits it offers to you and your clients. Good conversations have been had and yet I am continually amazed at how many designers I am talking with don’t have a Quantity Surveyor on their team.

So what does your design team look like?

Architect / Designer

Form -- Function -- Feel


Grounding -- Attachment -- Connection


Structure -- Force -- Bearing

This is the make up of more than 80% of the design teams I am speaking with. Each specialist having a role in bringing the clients wants, needs and desires to reality. Hopefully.

So where does the Quantity Surveyor fit? On the bench? Not in the team at all?

What does the Quantity Surveyor bring to the team?

Quantity Surveyor
Budget -- Finance -- Clarity

In todays changing world of banking, supply chain constraints and out of control Construction Cost escalation, how can you not have a Quantity Surveyor on your Team?

If your client is borrowing money to build their dream home, then a Quantity Surveyor is a must, and a Quantity Surveyors Report will be required by any lending institute to confirm expected construction cost.

Your client will not be able to move forward with the project without the clarity of knowing what the Expected Construction Costs are, and of course, everyone has a budget.

Why leave the Quantity Surveyor on the bench, or worse, not even on the team at all?

Early engagement of a Quantity Surveyor at Concept stage will allow for a budget to be established at the earliest possible stage in the design process. Don’t wait to get consent and then find out your budget was miles off when you finally get a builder to price the project.

By including a Quantity Surveyor in your design team from the kick off, you can expect significant benefits early in the project.

  • Initial Budget establishment

  • Client financial clarity

  • Cost comparison of client selections

  • Funding support documentation

  • Budget impact of potential changes

As specialists in our field, we know the benefits of what we do and offer, far out way the cost of our engagement. So why are we not on your team?????

It is easy. Just send your plans to us at, in whatever stage you are at, and tell us how we can help.

Let us know if you are after Concept Plan cost estimation, or are you at Developed Design stage and need clarification of cost before detailing? Or does your client need funding support documentation?

We will then send you a quotation for our services.

It really is that easy.

If you want to see sample reports, or discuss our services with me, then give me a call or drop me an email. We want to be on your team.

Jeff Root

027 2381396

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