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Great Conference ADNZ !

We have recently returned from attending the ADNZ National Conference held in Wellington, and we must offer a huge congratulations to the ADNZ, their members and Partner businesses for putting together such a great event.

We joined the ADNZ as a Partner Business, after attending the 2022 Conference in Christchurch, and a year on enjoyed being part of the 2023 Conference.

We met with many of the ADNZ Members in attendance over the three days of conference, and it was great to hear that most are experiencing a lift in enquiry, and seeing plenty of projects progressing after a pretty tough year across New Zealand.

The interest the members showed in visiting us, and the other partner businesses on display at Conference, shows the commitment and undertaking they have towards partners. We greatly appreciate the time taken to meet, chat and hear of all the good work being undertaken, and to see where we fit into the solutions being offered to the many valued clients held by the members.

Of course, we spent plenty of time continuing to push the topic of Concept Pricing, and I am now comfortable that the message is being heard. Why would you not? Concept Pricing is the singular best way to ensure your project gets off to a great start that enables continuation of design, clarity of cost expectation and timely decision making by the client. Without knowledge, nothing happens.

As we roll into the “Silly Season”, no doubt clients will be looking for plans and documentation to take with them over the break and spend time assessing the information, together with partners, friends and confidants. If you have a project that you are wanting to get costings undertaken on , please don’t leave it until the last minute, come and talk to us today and we can outline for you the best way for us to provide value to your clients.

It costs nothing for you to obtain a fee offer and outline of how we can assist you to assist your clients in making informed decisions. Give us a go.

Phone Jeff, Ph. 027 238 1396, email :

Or Paul, Ph. 027 238 1866, email :

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