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Our Last Pricing Workshop….

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

Last Stop Ashburton!

You have probably heard by now that I’ve been racing around the country doing seminars for builders teaching them how to price….. OMG – they are seriously my favourite thing to do ever.

There’s just nothing quite like being in a room in person with my builders talking through all the things I know that will help them…. And having so much awesome chat that we are able to truly talk in depth about the things that bother them specifically in their business, and how those things can be handled.

So now…. We are on the home stretch. There is ONE MORE PRICING WORKSHOP LEFT. And we have made the call that we won’t be doing any more in person…. But we will turn them into an online course you guys can do instead for those who have missed out.

I thought I’d take the opportunity to run through some of the awesome questions the guys who came asked… because they may well be things that bother you too!!!

Things Builders Have Asked @ the workshops

  1. Contingencies… should there be one on every job? Should they have margin applied to them? What happens if my contingency is higher than the other guys contingency and that’s why I lost the job? How do I talk to my client about contingencies?

  2. In small towns a lot of the time builders bump into clients who they may have priced unsuccessfully for on the kids football field, or down at the pub. How do I maintain my reputation when I’m a local? I don’t want to price lower than I should to cover my costs and make my margin, but I don’t want to be preconceived as someone too expensive either because word spreads!

  3. There are so many systems out there for pricing and project management, how do I know which one will work best for me and my business?

  4. I know that merchant measures are never accurate….. so how do I measure accurately without it taking up all of my time?

  5. How do I cover of the costs involved after the build has finished….. things like sorting the Code of Compliance, all the guarantees and warranties (PS3 etc), and the things we always have to go back and adjust a few months down the track to keep the client happy?

  6. How do I cover the cost of the time I spend getting the job in the first place? I spend hours and hours with a client getting their design sorted and their ideas on to paper and sometimes they still get someone to price against me. How do I get paid back for all the time I spend being a salesperson when I’m not guaranteed the work?

  7. Is there some way to make back costing a bit less painful? I know I should do it… but I always run out of time. Is it completely necessary? Whats the point of it?

  8. When I have an apprentice and they are being taught on site, how to I recoup the cost of their non productive time? And how about the guy who is teaching them? How do I cover their non-productive time? Is that even possible?

What builders have to say about the pricing workshops

Get Live answers to your pricing questions

On every single one of these questions we worked through the answers face to face with our attendees…. Plus heaps more. I tell you, I was nearly out of voice by the end of each day!

If you think you might like to come along to our last hurrah in Ashburton (only a short plane trip from other places around the country!) then check out this link and book your spot quickly.

See you there with bells on! Book Here

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