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Using Your QS Report As A Tool

So the QS report you have had completed is more than a measure of the nuts and bolts and labour required to complete a job according to the plans. It is a TOOL for you to use to then formulate your tender letter to submit to the client in the hopes of winning the job. And just like ALL tools, if you don’t use it properly, it wont do the job right!

I’m going to bullet point the main things you need to look for and drag through into your tags and clarifications on your tender letter;


Go through the detailed pricing and highlight (you know I love my highlighters!) EVERY TIME you see the word ‘Sum’. Every single sum item, whether it be a PC (Prime Cost) sum or a Provisional sum should be detailed in the tags and clarifications. If you DON’T do this, then it doesn’t count and you can’t apply for a variation if you need to change the sum value. It is as simple as that.


Get your trusty highlighter out again, and mark every single time you see the words ‘no allowance’. This also includes if there is an entire trade that has been clearly not measured because of client supply as an example. All of the no allowance items should each have their own tag and their own explanation. BE CLEAR. Often these items come from conversations you have had with your client, rather than what is actually on the plans.


Check thoroughly if there have been any material swap outs that you have discussed with your QS that you have forgotten about… these swap outs need to also be made very clear on the tags and clarifications so they can’t bite you if the client puts their foot down later asking for what is specified in the plans… which they could do if they wanted to.


If contingency is allowed for in the trade summary as a line item, then you need to clarify that too. If it is peppered to cover risk throughout the job, then you don’t. Check out my blog on contingency if you want to read a bit more about this.

Keep the document handy Remember too….. KEEP this document handy!!! It is not there to shove in a drawer once you have won the work to gather dust. It is just as much pf a project management tool as it is an initial pricing tool, it’s the gift that keeps on giving! Your QS should generally always be available to answer any question you have along the way as well, sometimes the terminology we have used might not be familiar, so if you want to see if something is covered or not down the track, just ask.

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