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Welcome to the 'Silly Season' !

November is here and this unofficially marks the start of the traditional ‘silly season’ – that time of the year when you realise there are not enough days left to do everything you promised yourself you would accomplish this year.

In my experience November is a time when builders attempt to cover all bases, trying to achieve what they need to do so they can spend a well earned break with their family and friends over the Christmas / New Year period. In previous year’s we have received many requests for ‘urgent’ jobs to be priced prior to Christmas and, while we are only in early November, it’s surprising how quickly the last two months of the year disappear.

I have a great team of Quantity Surveyors covering the whole country and we seriously want to get all those jobs that are sent our way completed before the year ends however, we need your help in ensuring your pricing is not left until the last minute – remember that Christmas miracles only happen in the movies !

You’ve all heard me bang on for long enough about the fact that our quotes (fee proposals) are all ‘no obligation’ so you don’t need to accept every quote we prepare but at least you will have another option and if you do proceed it will free up your valuable time for other more productive pursuits.

The bottom line is ; don’t be disappointed this Christmas and send those plans through early to avoid any additional stress. We’ll get a quote back to you promptly and the next step is up to you. Just call Paul if you want to know more, Ph. 027 238 1866 or email :

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